10 reasons to work from within
Janine Tait looks at why improving a clients skin should start from within to ensure the skin is getting more of the nutrients it needs (and less that it doesn’t). 
  1. Your skin is one of the last organs to receive nutrients therefore one of the first to reflect nutritional deficiencies. Unless addressed, these deficiencies will impact on the health and beauty of our clients’ skin.
  2. Nutritional deficiencies can be the cause, or at the least contribute to the severity of the skin conditions our clients suffer from. If we don’t correct these deficiencies we can never hope to correct the skin condition.
  3. There are many foods and drinks that can fuel skin problems and these need to be identified and replaced with healing alternatives to ensure we are successful in our treatment of skin conditions.
  4. If you are doing treatments or prescribing products aimed at stimulating collagen production, it is vital that the cells in your skin are supplied with ALL the nutritional building blocks they require to manufacture healthy fibers.
  5. The skin is naturally a barrier so topical treatment is only partially effective. Working with the diet allows you to deliver key nutrients and anti-ageing compounds to the deepest layers of your skin where they are needed.
  6. When carrying out more invasive treatments it is our ethical responsibility to ensure our client has adequate levels of the nutrients required for proper healing.
  7. The functioning of the bowel and liver has a big impact on the appearance and health of your skin. If either of these two important elimination organs are not doing their job properly then the skin will reflect this either by looking dull and lifeless or irritated when you’re overloaded body secretes toxins on to its surface. Hormonally driven skin conditions are also worsened if the bowels are not eliminating regularly.
  8. Over a period of years, our skin will reflect the sum of many small daily habits – the number of hours we sleep, how much stress we suffer, right through to what we choose to eat and drink every day. Helping your client introduce positive habits will help preserve the beauty of their skin for years to come.
  9. Other wellness professionals are talking about skin nutrition to our clients. If we want to maintain our position as skin experts we need to be equally educated in this important area.
  10. Beauty and skin care is holistic and as therapists we need to treat the whole person, not just the skin as an isolated organ.
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