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Chrysalis Browns Bay won at the NZ Beauty Industry Awards amongst fierce competition and a high calibre of entries. Owner and Managing Director Louise Dickinson shares some of what makes the Chrysalis team so successful.

Our aim has been very clear from the day we opened: make an incredible first impression, within an environment that exudes beauty, with services that are truly welcoming and a team of therapists performing hands on therapy where attention to detail is at the highest level.

The team
As MD, my role is to create the vision for the clinic and develop the strategies of how we are going to achieve the vision. It is also inspiring, training and coaching the team surrounding me, ensuring all team members fulfil their parts successfully within the business, helping to achieve our mission, always upholding Chrysalis values and what we stand for.
I am heavily involved in treatment development and training as this is an area I am truly passionate about. I feel being hands on with the therapists and sharing my knowledge inspires me and keeps me focused on our end result, the client.
My key to success has always been my ability to choose the right people to surround myself with.  Making someone want to be the best they can be is always my ultimate goal and creates a win, win situation for therapists and the business.
All staff are given a contract (Individual Employment Agreement), detailed job description, KiwiSaver form and tax form on their first day of employment. Once they have completed three months of employment I sit down with them and assess how they are achieving their obligation regarding their job description. I discuss any areas that need improving and what their next nine months training programme will be.
Every year all staff have appraisals and pay reviews. The appraisals are a great opportunity to get feedback from the staff on how they feel their career is proceeding and any challenges they may have.
I believe that all team members need to know what is expected of them and how they are performing in each area of their job. This creates great continuity and consistency throughout the team.
Both my senior managers have individual reviews, which are every four months. These have been designed to keep them focused on areas of improvement and new challenges set out in each quarter.  All the above processes take a lot of time to prepare but help keep everyone accountable for their job role and ensure we are all heading in the same direction.
My clinic manager has been with Chrysalis for six years, and has a large impact on how the team is feeling and performing both in customer care and figures. The key attributes I look for in a manager is to lead by example in all areas of the business, be great at problem solving (a lot of common sense), adaptable, follows clinics structures and procedures and is always looking at how she can get her team to be the best they can be.
As well as clinic manager, Chrysalis has a clinic coordinator who manages promotions, drives sales and ensures accurate data collection by all team members. Chrysalis also has an in-house trainer to inspire and empower the team in delivering the highest level of service, education and communication skill. Her main role is to train all new staff members and continually create the best educational support throughout their career with us.
Our receptionists create a warm and welcoming first impression to all clients either when they come into the clinic or call on the phone. They also help build healthy Chrysalis relationships with customers, collect correct information from each client and maximise booking cards to ensure optimum capacity and smooth daily operation.  
Finally, a Chrysalis beauty therapist’s role is to perform a range of services that Chrysalis offers at the highest standards and in accordance with Chrysalis culture. This also includes working towards financial and business targets, ensuring healthy growth on a monthly and annual basis. Other key responsibilities include customer care, hygiene and tidiness.
Our job description detail leaves little to chance, and gives clear guidance as to what is expected.

Job description detail examples:
• Uniform to be ironed and clean.
• Hair to be tied back at all times with appropriate hair tie.
• Clean shoes that do not make a loud noise on the floor.
• Natural make-up to be worn at all times.
• No jewellery to be worn unless agreed by management.
Personal Hygiene        
• To have fresh breath.
• No bad body odour.      
Punctuality/Time Keeping  
• Turn up to work on time for your shift.
• Be ready to greet your first client 10 mins before appointment.
• Complete client treatment in the allocated time frame.
• Take lunch breaks at a time requested at the start of each day.
• Not leave early unless management has advised.
• To be responsible for cleaning the treatment rooms and equipment used each day.
• Sanitise and sterilise equipment on a daily basis if required.
• Required to do general cleaning of the salon and retail area on a continuous basis and as required by management.
• You are required to recommend and educate retail to all clients.
• You will be given targets that you must try to achieve.  
• You are required to know all the products you are working with and key ingredients within them.
• To be responsible for your own retail figures as you will be required to report these to management on a regular basis.

Client communication
Each therapist has an allocated time each week to call her clients. When any client purchases a new range or starts a programme the therapist will ring to see if everything is going well and if they have any questions regarding their new routine. We find this is another level of service we provide for our customers to foster the growth of our relationship. We also feel this sets a reassuring tone that we stand by our products and recommendations.
At Chrysalis we spend time training the staff on how to talk to clients that are not similar in age. As our target market is often around fifty years it is important the younger therapists know how to relate and connect respectfully. At the end of the day if a client doesn’t like you she won’t trust or buy from you. Spending time training can make a big impact on each and every clients visit, as it is our job to make the client feel truly special.

Nurturing our clients
All therapists take their shoes off outside the treatment room before performing any relaxing hands on treatments. This is essential in grounding the therapist and also minimising noise whilst she is moving around the room. We have also taken a lot of care in choosing the right music to bring peace and relaxation to the client without overpowering the rhyme and flow of the treatment.
All our facials and body treatments start with Chrysalis balancing touches. These are designed to get the client to slow down their breathing and give the therapist time to focus on her own breathing as her pace will influence the flow of the treatment. Correct, concentrated breathing is such a powerful tool that the therapist uses, making the difference between a “nice” treatment and an amazing treatment. During our training we tell the therapists to listen. If you concentrate on the sounds around you, you’re more likely to stay focused, concentrating on the treatment you are performing.
Before we perform our treatments we take off all the product lids to be used, remove the tissues from the box and fold them into the correct shape needed for the treatment. Put consumables on the trolley or in the hot cabbie depending on what is needed for that particular service. Curtains are pulled back; trolleys are moved next to beds. This is all in aid of reducing noise levels and movement throughout the treatment, respecting vibrational energy throughout the room is essential to heightening the client’s experience.
Essential oils are applied to hands and held just above client’s faces, this stimulates their senses and also generates awareness of the preceding touch. We always come down onto the body from a 90 degree angle, working with the flow of energy within the body. Before we take our hands off the client we will always finish on a pressure point and only release after two deep breaths.
All therapy beds have electric blankets, giving the clients an instant cosy feeling before we have even started the treatment. Depending on treatments, candles are lit, aromatherapy burners are on with chosen essential oil and lighting is adjusted, creating the right environment for the treatment being done. We made custom eye pillows that are used to cover the eyes during facials to create complete darkness and take the client into deeper relaxation. We remove product from the face or body with hot mitts and face towels, scented with aromatherapy oils, giving the clients a beautiful warmth and aroma to enhance the facial.

Cultural awareness
Part of the receptionist and therapists initial training addresses cultural awareness and the importance of respecting others cultural views. We have a large multicultural mix of clients living in Auckland and it is important to respect the different values they may have. Doing this helps us establish trust quickly and has allowed us tap into a growing market for our business. In Browns Bay we have a high population of South African clientele, so I have not just researched how they prefer to be looked after but I rang some of our South African clients and asked them if there is anything else we could do to better our service and enhance our customer care. Talking directly to our clientele always give us great insight on how we are performing and reassures them we are invested in our relationships.
Having worked in some of the most exclusive salons and spas in the world, I set my expectations high for Chrysalis, and am proud of what we have achieved.

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