Dont hibernate this winter

With winter upon us and some concerns of a gaping appointment book emerging, we need to start looking at how we can keep the momentum flowing, especially when bread and butter services like waxing and tanning are stretched out.
Here is a “WARM” planning strategy you can implement to help you grow your business in winter.

Woo your clients
Everything in winter is grey, dull and dreary, so brighten up your treatment rooms to create the perfect bed set up. Fluffy rolled towels with a pohutukawa flower or NZ Spa strut card and warm coloured bed runners set the stage to invite clients to book that little extra indulgence. Offer special winter promotions such as warm body wraps.
Think about changing things up a little. One way to do this is to simply rearrange your retail shelves. 30 percent of your business is driven by new sales, so new merchandising can inspire interest, which creates desire, and desire creates a need which results in a sale. Utilise all the tools available from your supplier to ensure that your winter promotion is clearly visible with counter posters and other merchandising material. Ensure that it is well laid out with clear pricing. Now that you’ve put all these strategies in place, make sure that you tell everyone who walks through the door about your exciting new promotion – some people are so busy that they walk right past with blinkers on, so point it out, you never know when that might result in another winter booking. 

Never underestimate the five senses – stimulate the senses of smell, sight, sound, and taste.
Make your treatment experience so tempting that it’s impossible for your clients to say no.
Warm the treatment room, heat the bed, burn a deep relaxing candle, try NZ Spa’s Pohutukawa, offer some warm water infused with ginger and lemon, so all that’s left is to surrender to the touch of your healing hands. We are always giving treatments, but when was the last time that you had one in your own clinic. We forget what it’s like to be on the receiving end. Book yourself in and experience what you are really selling. If that seems impossible just hop on the treatment bed for five minutes and look around, get a good view of what your clients are experiencing. This little exercise can reveal quite a lot.

So many therapists allow the client to leave with a simple thank you. You need to ask for the rebooking as it’s not necessarily a natural consequence of a great treatment. We all too often expect the client to ask for another appointment. When they don’t, we feel disappointed.

Here are a few rebooking tips:

  1. Always do a consultation at the start of the treatment to fully understand what your clients are wanting to achieve and what concerns they may have.
  2. Begin with the end in mind. Give the client a reason to rebook by offering a specific treatment that will assist them with their skin concerns, follow this up at reception before they leave.
  3. Give your client two options for time slots instead of asking them if they want to rebook. This alters their thinking pattern and eliminates the “I’ll get back to you” objection. Instead your client will feel well looked-after and taken care of.

Mini treatments
Three main ways to grow your business:

  1. Get new clients.
  2. Get clients to have more visits, more often.
  3. Get clients to spend more dollars per visit.

So let’s focus on the latter. Clients may have less available time to commit to lengthy salon treatments, so mini treatments provide a great solution. Often clients don’t even know these small indulgences exist on the treatment menu. Once they have experienced a touch of luxury, there is the potential to extend future salon visits or expand these mini treatments to full treatments.

NZ Spa offer a great range of Express treatments such as

  1. Hand and foot treatment.
  2. Back scrub and massage.
  3. Back scrub, mud and massage.

This is just to name a few, and product costs may be as little as $3.00. What about offering a winter upgrade menu or express treatment menu? These upgrades and express treatments can prove to be very profitable and an amazing gap filler.
So as you go through the colder months, wrap up, get creative and create a very profitable winter for 2015. 

By Karen Wilson for NZ Spa.

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