First DNA repairing serum in the world Using Zinc Finger Technology™

Osmosis Skincare represents the best of what skincare should be; we use all natural ingredients, fully recyclable bottles and the most advanced technology in the world.  Osmosis has been in business just 4 years and already we are changing the paradigm of skincare with our unique philosophy and remarkable results.
The process started with our founder, Ben Johnson, MD who is a world-renown formulator after founding and formulating his first line, Cosmedix. For Osmosis he went back to the research to find the answers for reversing ageing. As Dr. Johnson says, “Osmosis was the product of years of research on what makes the skin thrive. Even I was surprised by the truth which is that we have been taking the wrong approach in skincare for over 30 years!”
The core philosophy of Osmosis is to maximise the skin’s immune activity so that it can repair sun damage, prevent cancer, heal skin conditions like melasma and rosacea, and much more.  We know how hard the skin works to keep up with our inflammation from the sun and our diet, and we need to assist it rather than tearing it down.
Osmosis believes in “natural exfoliation” which restores our protective epidermal barrier (instead of exfoliating it) and increases cell turnover by stimulating the dermis and increasing skin nutrition.  We do not believe that harsh acids like AHA’s are beneficial to the skin, in fact, research definitively shows they only act to damage the skin and increase our risk of skin cancer.  How can we expect our skin to fix existing damage when we keep compromising its immunity and protection by adding inflammation? Osmosis’ natural exfoliation strategy is remarkably effective and we are reversing aging as a result of it.
While Osmosis prides itself on its collection of natural and organic ingredients and our paraben-free preservative system, we get really excited when talking about our patent-pending technologies:
Liposomal Delivery of all our ingredients results in a 600% increase in penetration to the dermis, where ageing actually occurs. Most skincare lines only get 2-5% penetration, where Osmosis is getting up to 30% of its remarkable actives deep into your skin.
DNA Repair is critical for sun damaged skin and Osmosis has the first DNA repairing serum in the world using Zinc Finger Technology™.  We can address ageing at the cellular level while other ingredients are working on the activation of collagen and elastin repair.  DNA repair has proven itself to be incredibly effective for rosacea, hyperpigmentation, ageing and acne scarring amongst many other things.

Stem Cell Growth Factors from adult stem cells have been extremely effective at boosting collagen and elastin and improving many other skin conditions because they restore the number of growth factors to the days of our youth.  Osmosis StemFactor has over 150 growth factors, all liposome delivered, to activate the skin’s phenomenal repair ability.
Skin Nutrition declines as we age which means the skin does not have the tools to keep up the good fight.  Osmosis has patented liposomal niacinamide to enhance the delivery of nutrients like antioxidants, peptides, amino acids and immune cells throughout our dermis.  You can’t just tell the skin to make more collagen unless you give it the building blocks.  This strategy has been extremely effective and is therefore in all of our serums.
Fibroblast Activation is a critical step in the recovery of skin health. Most companies use harsh acids or traumatic ingredients to increase collagen and elastin. Osmosis uses over 17 different fibroblast stimulators that do not traumatise the skin because collagen made from trauma is for the damage created by those ingredients, whereas collagen made without trauma can be directed to pre-existing damage.
Scar Remodeling is rarely discussed because no one has had a good solution. Osmosis is addressing scarring in every condition with Zinc Fingers and 1,3 Beta Glucan.  Remember that all conditions have a scarring component which is why this technology is effective on everyone.
Osmosis also has titanium-free mineral makeup, a powerful backbar that promotes making changes to the dermis without burning the skin, organic medifacials that last for days, and a revolutionary approach to internal imbalances (that lead to most skin conditions) using radio frequencies. We are reversing ageing and restoring skin health in dramatic ways. Equally as exciting is Dr. Johnson’s belief that great skincare should be affordable, which is why we offer extremely competitive pricing.

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