Four key growth metrics to focus on in 2011

Continuing to focus on growth in an uncertain economy is an integral part of running a successful business. Here are four key metrics that we’ve identified to help you grow your business this year.
Stay focused on rebooking
It sounds obvious but rebooking is the easiest way to increase your profits with your existing clients. While many beauty professionals feel uncomfortable encouraging their patrons to reschedule, studies show that clients who rebook their appointments before they leave the salon make up to 50% more visits per year than those who don’t.
You can help improve your rebooking stats by finding out about clients’ important upcoming events such as birthdays and holidays. Encourage clients to rebook for these occasions – especially if your appointment book fills up quickly. With so many of us leading hectic lives, we all appreciate being prompted to schedule advance appointments.
Also, make sure reception staff are selective about how they offer appointments rather than “anytime between 9am and 5pm” – no client wants to hear that in four or six weeks your books are wide open. Where is the incentive to rebook?

Continue growing your client base
Don’t become reliant on your existing database. Set yourself regular goals for growing your client list and then go for it.
Growing your client list through a referral programme is one of the best ways to boost your business. Offer your existing clients incentives for referring new clients. It will get them thinking about who they can refer and will also strengthen their loyalty to your business.
Have you considered creating a Facebook page for your business? It’s a great tool to get the word out about your salon or spa. With more than 500 million users and the ability to target advertising to age, gender, geographic location, education, interests and more, there is no easier way of speaking to your target market. Use your Facebook page to talk to your clients, offer Facebook-only deals, post photos and videos of your work and any awards you may have won. The opportunities to promote yourself and your business are endless – and it’s FREE to use!

Convert more new clients into regulars
It costs anywhere from five to eight times more to gain a new client than it does retaining your existing database. As a salon or spa owner, your client list is a precious asset. Consider the lifetime value of a client and the effort involved in getting that client.
Once you get them, hold onto them. An easy way to do this is to wow them with a personalised service that anticipates their needs. Spend a few minutes after each guest leaves and jot down facts about their visit. Include what was discussed during the consultation, which products were purchased and info about the client’s life. How many kids? What are their names? Was the client in for a special occasion or getting ready to go on vacation? Get to know your clients.
Keep in touch with your clients via email to help your salon or spa stay top of mind. A monthly e-newsletter with an occasional special offer is a great strategy, but be careful not to de-value your brand by discounting your services too often.
Gift-with-purchase is a great way of upselling AND strengthening client loyalty. We all appreciate getting a little bonus gift when we spend up large and it is no different when getting pampered at a salon or spa.



Get people visiting more often
Getting your clients back through your doors on a more regular basis can significantly improve your business’s bottom line. Consider your average client revisit period – do you know it? If you don’t, find out and track it. You could improve your annual revenue by 20% just by reducing the average client revisit period from six weeks to five!
In addition to the rebooking strategies above, ask your clients questions during the initial consultation, such as “when did it stop looking its best?” or “how long did it last for?” and encourage your clients to rebook within this timeframe rather than the standard “I’ll see you in six weeks” tactic.
Loyalty programmes are also a great ways of getting clients visiting you more often. They allow you to reward regular patrons, without de-=valuing your brand.
Focus on these four metrics and you’ll be sure to see your business grow this year. Not sure how to go about measuring and tracking your business and industry? A good salon and spa software provider should be able to do it for you, such as Kitomba’s ‘Benchmark’ tool.
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