It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It may only be October but now is the time to have your Christmas marketing plan in place, to ensure that your salon has a successful festive season. Here are some things to consider as you plan ahead.

Seasonal marketing materials
Look around you at large retailers and what they do in the lead-up to Christmas. Chances are they have specific Christmas brochures, advertising and online marketing to draw customers in and convert them to sales. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to tap into the festive spirit.
Important: Are you extending your opening hours over Christmas? Do you have deadlines for posting out products or gift vouchers? Ensure that you communicate this information with your clients via your website and in store materials.

Christmas gift guide
This doesn’t have to be a big, expensive printed brochure, it could be a daily Christmas gift idea on your website, facebook page, instagram or twitter feed. It could be an email you send out in November, or a display in your window. It could be a simple A4 poster that is displayed in the salon, handed out to clients or distributed in local businesses.

Window display
If you are lucky enough to have a high visibility salon front, use it to your advantage at Christmas time. Create a striking Christmas window with posters and/or window decals, then change out the products in the display every week or so leading up to Christmas. You could even have a live display, with a staff member doing Christmas party season makeovers in the window to attract attention.

Seasonal treatments
Everyone wants to look their best for Christmas, so you could tap into party season buzz with special packages combining treatments such as a spray tan, manicure and make-up with a glass of Champagne. You could also create a festive treatment menu with Christmas scented massage oils, or Christmas nail art. Stress is high that time of year, so mini hand massages performed in your waiting area would go down a treat for frazzled shoppers and clients.

Research suggests that almost two-thirds of voucher recipients spend more than the amount of their voucher when they redeem it – in short, vouchers bring new and existing clients back through your door where they will spend again. Whether you offer monetary or treatment vouchers, consider festive packaging or gift wrap so that they look extra special and appealing as Christmas gifts.

Christmas packs
A recent study by research agency Canadean reveals that 74 percent of consumers globally find price an important factor when choosing a personal care product, while 56 percent say promotional offers are important. “This new generation of savvy shoppers often feels proud about finding a bargain,” says Joanne Hardman, analyst at Canadean.
This desire for a bargain is even stronger at Christmas time when budgets are stretched and everyone wants to feel generous. Packaging together products in a cost effective and visually appealing way not only increases sales, it introduces clients to products they may not have tried otherwise. The key is offering your clients quality products at an appealing price, without cheapening your salon offering.

Treat your VIPS
Christmas is not just about selling, it’s about giving back too and there is no better way to instill loyalty in your existing customers than by making them feel special and appreciated. Whether you offer clients a glass of champagne or a gourmet chocolate, host a Christmas preview evening or upgrade their Christmas booking with a complimentary mini-treatment, it’s a great way to say thanks and remind them of how important they are to your business.

Keep it simple
Let’s face it; Christmas is just plain busy and stressful. Avoid creating complicated promotions that take time to explain and understand. Keep your marketing simple and effective, with quick and easy rewards for clients and staff.

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