Lash Extensions FAQ

Eyelash extensions are one of the easiest and more effective ways to make the most of your clients’ eyes. Below are the answers to some frequently asked client questions, so you can be prepared.

How do I care for my new lashes?
Wash your lash line daily with a foamy cleanser formulated for eyelash extensions. Dry off with a hair dryer on the cool setting and once dried brush through with a mascara wand. As delicate as extensions are, they are not difficult to look after. Don’t get your lashes wet for 48 hours post application (unless the lashes have been nebulised), and stay away from hot steam and oil-based products around the eye area at all times.

Can I wear mascara with my extensions?
The point of having extensions is to eliminate the need to wear mascara, and you also need to keep them dry. We would prefer you not to wear mascara with your extensions. Mascara also makes them stick together, which can pull on your natural lashes, and makes them time consuming to infill. An alternative option would be to ask your stylist to apply more lashes for a fuller, darker look. If you have no desire to get them infilled and are happy to let them shed naturally, then it is OK to use non-waterproof mascara to blend your natural lashes in with the extensions. Just make sure you remove your mascara gently at night.

Can I wear other makeup with my extensions?
Yes absolutely! You can wear other makeup as usual with your extensions – foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner, etc. Just make sure that when removing makeup you use an oil free makeup remover around the eyes, and use a cotton bud along your lash line. Avoid using cotton pads, as the fibre may get caught in between your extensions. Use your foamy lash wash to wash your eyes nightly.

Is it normal for my eyes to sting after getting my eyelash extensions applied?
No, it isn’t. Once the adhesive is cured, it turns into inert plastic and will not emit anymore fumes.
Some foundations or face creams may contain ingredients that could irritate eyes, so it is recommended to wash your lashes and lash line nightly with a foamy lash cleanser (mixture of baby shampoo, distilled water and baking soda) to remove any dirt, oil or makeup on your eyelids and in between your lashes. Some clients with sensitive eyes may experience some redness post treatment, but it should clear up

What do I do if my eyes are still watery and stingy after 24 hours? Am I allergic to the adhesive?
You will need to contact your lash professional ASAP and ask her to see you at her earliest available appointment. It is very rare for a first time client to experience a true reaction. Some cases we have seen it is usually a ‘chemical overload’, which over time the body has built up an intolerance towards the adhesive, similar to a reaction to hair dye, even after years of colouring hair. Some clients have reported that their eyes became sensitive after using a new eye cream or lash serum.
Taking antihistamines can also help to reduce itchiness. If symptoms persist you will need to have your set of lashes removed immediately. If redness or swelling does not reduce after the removal, seek medical help immediately.

Can I swim with my extensions on?
Absolutely! Once the adhesive is cured you can exercise, swim and continue with your everyday activities. As mentioned earlier, if your lashes became wet, it is a good idea to blow dry your lashes with a hair dryer on cool setting for 20 – 30 seconds before brushing.
What do I need to avoid?
Steam, oil, hot ovens, uncovered pots and pans, heat and waterproof eye makeup are the ruin of lash extensions. Try to sleep on your back, never pull your lash extensions off and make sure you brush them gently from the top down when needed (in a rolling motion).

If I don’t want my extensions on anymore, can I remove them myself?
Absolutely NOT! You must seek a lash professional if you want to remove your lashes safely. Your lash stylist would have either a remover gel, cream or liquid designed to remove your lash extensions safely and effectively. A removal should take 15mins to 30mins, and be painless. There should be no stinging.

When and why do I need to get infills?
We recommend clients return to have their lashes tended to every two to three weeks on average. The time between appointments depends on what suits you personally and how quickly your natural lashes shed, how well your lashes hold the adhesive, how full you like them to look, and other externals factors such as the season,  the weather and what activities you partake in. Sometimes during warm summer weather, the lash extensions need to be replaced more frequently as the adhesive bond is not as strong when exposed to heat and humidity.

If I am not happy with the lashes I had put on, should I ask another salon to fix them for me?
We would recommend that you contact the stylist/salon you went to and see if they can provide a remedy first. They should offer to see you at their earliest available appointment. If you are having your lashes done for the first time, there is a possibility your lashes may fall out faster than usual as you haven’t got used to looking after them yet. Sometimes it may take two to three appointments to truly understand a client’s needs and lifestyle; and to design the best set of lashes for each individual.
However if you feel something was ‘off’ and did not want to make contact with your stylist, you could approach a different salon to see if they could book you in for a consultation and give you a second opinion. Unfortunately no one can ‘fix’ a bad set lash extensions, so you must have your set removed and a new set of lashes reapplied; so it pays to choose your lash professional wisely.

Can I use lash serums with eyelash extensions?
Yes it is fine to use lash serums that are applied onto your lashline (eyeliner brush), but avoid any lash conditioners that require you to apply directly onto your lashes  (mascara wand) as they may contain oil and reduce the longevity of your lash extensions.
Some clients have found that lash serums actually helped their natural lashes grow, and it made their lash extensions last longer. Others however, reported that their eyes became sensitive from using lash serums and their eyes became very dry and itchy.

Article written by Elisia Webb for Cerise Makeup Limited.

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