Less is more A scientific approach from Medik8
Doctors and dermatologists are undisputed leaders in diagnosis of skin disease, 
but topical drug development relies on the skills of pharmacologists who are experts 
in molecular design and bioavailability, and the knowledge of physiologists who 
are experts in the working of the human body.
Medik8 was founded by Elliot Isaacs who studied physiology and pharmacology at the University of Leeds medical centre in the north of England. Recently Elliot was rewarded with Grade A membership of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists ,after 10 years’ service to the industry.
All Medik8 formulations are based on research published in scientific journals and peer reviewed clinical studies. They identify areas of major advancement and bring patented technologies into their formulations.
”We also engage in our own proprietary research, particularly in antioxidants, retinoids and telomere extension and hold patents in these areas,” says Elliot. “We do not blindly follow the latest trends but rather devote ourselves to delivering real results through simple formulae that actually work!”
As was recently demonstrated in the now famous BBC documentary on the “Science of Cosmetics”, very high doses of particular ingredients can actually reduce effectiveness, especially with antioxidants. This effect is called Hormesis. Likewise, producing a ‘pot-pouri’ of many different ingredients in one formula can result in interactions which cancel out the positive effects of each individual active.
This documentary validated the long-held view of Medik8 developers that creating ‘simple’ products which focus on results from clinical testing rather than just creating an impressive-sounding list of actives is the key to efficacious results.
The other positive side-effect from this approach is a reduction in skin sensitivity that can result from the inclusion of lots of unnecessary ingredients and by-products of their interactions. Medik8 antioxidant products have been independently tested throughout development, across two to four major free-radical species and were shown by the laboratory used by the BBC to outperform all others in the documentary and nine further professional and premium brands not shown on screen. For this reason, Medik8 is only available from medical and skincare professionals.

The First Green Cosmeceutical Brand
• Bio-available ingredients
Green chemistry technologies
• 100% Soap-free
• No harsh detergents
• SLES, SLS & Sulphate Free
100% Paraben Free (by the end of 2009)
Environmental Group FSC Approved Packaging
What Medik8 has discovered is that apart from the market size for natural and organic cosmetics growing extremely fast, some of the finest ingredients are actually derived from natural sources.
Medik8 uses green chemistry not just to benefit from this market shift but because in many cases, it works better.
Medik8 is committed to provide the latest and safest natural skincare solutions with visible benefits to consumers.
Medik8 promises to use the green biochemistry techniques wherever it does not compromise the user’s sensitivity or the product’s effectiveness – this is why Medik8 is a pioneering green cosmeceutical range.
Nothing is more important to Medik8 than the safety of its products and therefore every formula complies with the European Union Cosmetics Directive 1976 (as amended) and in many cases meets the requirements of the strictest organic and natural certification bodies.

Results without the irritation
Most skin is sensitive, it is just to what degree. A simple change of washing powder can demonstrate this.

People of all ages and skin types can periodically suffer from sensitive skin, making them particularly susceptible to certain irritating cosmeceutical ingredients. In fact, those suffering from acne, rosacea or psoriasis usually have greater skin sensitivity, which can be exacerbated by some aggressive treatment products that they use. Medik8 is a skin research company pioneering the cosmeceutical technology of providing products suitable for sensitive skin without compromising efficacy, so they may be used by everyone.
It is a myth that a product designed for sensitive skin would not be as effective just because it is less irritating.
It was previously incorrectly assumed that aggressive products causing significant inflammation gave the best results (the idea being that aggressive products provoke a healing response) but current opinion, based on the latest research, is that excessive inflammation can damage cells, causing long-term skin damage and perversely causing premature skin ageing.
The challenge for Medik8 is to make effective ingredients less aggressive without reducing potency. We do this in many ways; for example:
using film-encapsulation,
• chirally correct actives,
• non-acidic derivatives
• patented telomere extenders
avoiding unnecessary base actives
• pH balancing all formulae
not using harsh detergents or soaps
selecting carrier oils based on skin compatibility.

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