Non invasive anti-aging treatments
Kirsty Ethynes. Beta Life International Ltd
As we get older our body’s own protein production decreases and so our skin loses elasticity and suppleness, becomes dry and wrinkled. This is the natural aging process that begins to show from about 25; from 45 our skin becomes thinner and more vulnerable still. The perpetual question for the beauty industry is how to treat this to provide clients with natural younger looking skin.
Red light therapy or collagen light therapy is the latest, most natural treatment to date. Of all the types of visible light, only red light is capable of penetrating deep enough into the skin in order to activate cells for the skin rejuvenation process. Red light is absorbed by the fibroblasts (cells that produce collagen), increasing the cellular energy. Cells which have more energy behave like younger skin cells and hence produce more collagen and elastin – elements which are essential for keeping skin looking soft, supple and radiant.
The process is much like photo-synthesis in plants. Cells which are exposed to the particular wavelength of red light produce up to 200 times more collagen than normal. The red light also stimulates blood circulation and repairs elastin fibres with the tissue to help keep the skin firm.
Red light therapy does not cut, burn or break the skin. There is no vaporization from the lamps or burning of tissue and therefore no inflammation as you may experience with laser treatment. Collagen therapy is a gentle, harmless way to improve skin tone and texture, control pigmentation spots, encourage vibrant looking skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
Much like the aging process, reversing the aging process is gradual with optimal results generally taking 10-15 weeks with the first visible results coming about 1 month into a treatment programme. Clients receive full body treatments thereby stimulating light energy anti-aging over the entire body.
Specialist collagen light units look similar to a sunbed but with no ultra violet or tanning effect. Unlike sunlight, red light does not generate much heat so additional warm airflow is required to provide the client with a pleasant experience. Additional options such as male/female highlights, aromatherapy, vibration training and more are also available.
Red light therapy is possibly the biggest anti-aging breakthrough since Botox®. Collagen light units provides the beauty industry with the means to treat clients in a non invasive way in a market where people are demanding natural options  to look and feel younger.


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