Sothys commitment

For 70 years the Sothys brand has remained committed to its passion for sharing its global beauty concept with both women and men by combining well-being and efficiency. 

Sothys is a highly specialised brand that quickly developed an exceptional reputation due to its strong commitment to research and innovation. 

Today the brand is a recognised expert in cutting-edge beauty treatments.

Sothys developed an exclusive modelling technique – Digi-esthétique® – which, when paired with the expertise of trained beauticians, can turn any spa treatment into an unforgettably sensorial experience.

The search for perfection
In 1989, Bernard Mas created a new Research and Development centre in Brive and as a result, gave Sothys a major asset in innovative research.

Staying one step ahead
In the early 2000s, Bernard Mas and the company maintained their pioneering reputation by keeping a step ahead of new regulatory standards and investing in the development of a new international logistics centre in Brive, as well as a new manufacturing site in compliance with pharmaceutical standards in Meyssac.  

An original quest for nature
Pairing his continual search for perfection with his personal passion for nature, 

Bernard Mas decided to associate the company’s image with sustainable development. 

He created a botanical garden – Les Jardins Sothys in Auriac-en-Corrèze, at the heart of his family’s native region. This peaceful haven is open to the public and is an incredible source of inspiration for product development at Sothys, where botanicals are the foundation of each and every formula. 

With his keen eye for innovation, Bernard Mas remains one of the company’s creative drivers today.

A French, family-run business
Since 1966, Sothys has passed down a tradition of unreserved luxury from generation to generation, in the two places that have played a historic role for the brand. Corrèze, from where the Mas family originated, for its research and production units, administrative departments and Les Jardins Sothys. And Paris, for its international training centre and, at 128 Fbg Saint Honoré, L’Institut, the brand’s global showcase, entirely focused on treatment excellence.

At Sothys, nature is not a tool; it has always been a raison d’être, a philosophy and a source of inspiration.  Underpinned by its roots in the Limousin region, Sothys derives its energy and creativity from the study and formulation of botanicals.

Treatment experience
In addition to its formulas, Sothys has always been invested in developing unique rituals that combine sensoriality, efficiency and a personalised approach to treatment, in order to make every visit a haven of well-being that nurtures both the body and the mind. An art that sets Sothys apart.

The Advanced research conducted at the Sothys Laboratory is the foundation for the brand’s scientific innovations. Sothys’ philosophy focuses on efficiency, safety, nature and sensoriality, as well as on an ability to innovate and keep apace with the latest advances in its fields.

Sothys supports organisations that place importance on patient well-being

The aim of Sothys treatments and protocols is to ensure that its guests experience unique relaxation and serenity. 

Through its partnership with the Ligue contre le cancer (French anti-cancer organisation), the Maison du bien-être and various medical centres and specially trained socio-beauticians, Sothys offer treatments to patients to help them overcome their suffering, recreating a bond, a means of communication, to avoid loss of confidence and the temptation to withdraw from society. 

Frédéric and Christian Mas now have the destiny of Sothys in their hands, and are building its future 

Having inherited a long tradition for excellence, with particular devotion to its quality French production, Sothys’ influence reaches far beyond its origins in Corrèze.

With a presence on five continents, but also on the seas with its cruise ship operator partner Compagnie du Ponant, Sothys has gained the trust of the most prestigious locations in the world. 

The brand and its offering can be found in over 15,000 exceptional institutes and spas around the world.

The spirit of excellence 
Sothys Advanced Research is the foundation for the brand’s scientific innovations, as much in terms of exclusive Sothys active ingredients as for new formulas, and protocols designed by beauticians, for beauticians. 

Our challenge: to offer innovative products while respecting the most demanding international regulatory requirements.

The future is now 
Bolstered by its international presence, Sothys listens to its markets and can respond to the most cutting-edge trends. The brand can prepare new ranges inspired by the very latest dermo-aesthetic techniques. 

For 70 years, the company’s momentum has been driven by its ability to stay true to itself while bringing new solutions to the changing world of beauty.

The expert on innovative professional solutions 
Institutes have always been the brand’s home, and that is why our distribution strategy has always remained exclusive. 

We are constantly on the lookout for new partnerships that correspond to our brand image. 

The current development of the brand in hotel spas and dermatology centres helps to support our position as leader in professional aesthetic treatments.

Responsible beauty
As a strong symbol that expresses all the respect the brand has for nature, Les Jardins Sothys also bear witness to the involvement of the Sothys brand in sustainable development.  

Efforts to improve the eco-design of its packaging, selection of natural active ingredients derived from green chemistry, investment in sustainable development are all areas which have been developed for several years, and that will continue to be fostered. 


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