toe-G simply glamorous feet

Welcome to the latest beautiful accessory for feet – the toe-G!
Designed and manufactured in New Zealand by Glenda Irwin and her company Boutique Blooms Ltd, the toe-G adds a glamorous touch to the naked foot. Worn simply by slipping the foot through the large loop until the strap rests at the back of the ankle, the toe loop stretches forward and slips over the second toe. The strap adjuster allows for any comfort, length and adjustment of size.
The toe-G dresses the foot without wearing a shoe and is simply a flattering and elegant fashion accessory for any size foot. The range comes with an array of adornments right for both intimate moments, lounging on the patio, summer parties or for those who marry on the beach or by the pool!
Though originally successful in film design, Glenda Irwin has owned an operated Boutique Blooms in Auckland for four years, predominantly supplying wedding bouquets, dress adornments, guest corsages and head dresses for brides and bridesmaids. Glenda designed her first toe-G for a beach wedding. Today the intellectual property for the product and consequential trade-marking is owned by Glenda Irwin for Boutique Blooms.
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