Top 5 tips for mineral make-up

Mineral make-up can be very popular with some of your retail clients, so be sure you know the best tricks for getting mineral make-up to last.

Think of the skin care
To help ensure a mineral make-up will perform for the day, it is important to ensure the skin care used under the mineral make-up is suitable. Ideally, you want an oil free cleanser and toner and a light but effective moisturiser, which is also oil free. Oil free products don’t add extra oil to the skin, meaning the make-up is less likely to ‘slide’ off.

Get real SPF
Although most mineral make-up has a natural sun protection factor built into it thanks to the natural minerals and elements, it is nowhere near enough to protect our clients from the harsh UVA and UVB effects of the sun in New Zealand and the South Pacific. Always ensure your clients are covered by using a moisturiser or sunscreen which is at least SPF15 (but SPF30 is better). Again, try to find an oil-free one, which is of professional quality and be sure they use it summer and winter!

Prime that skin
Ensure you’re using a high quality professional primer under your make-up to help create the perfect base and help the mineral make-up stay put.

You can’t expect mineral powders to do all the work in terms of correcting any skin issues or uneven skin tone. Use a good camouflage/concealer to hide any flaws before you start buffing in the minerals! BONUS: this also allows you to perform corrective highlighting and shading to bring out the best of your client’s features. If you have to do a lot of corrective work under the foundation, be careful not to buff it all off. Sometimes it is better to use concealer on top of the mineral powder for this reason.

Use a professional Kabuki brush
Some of the cheaper ones on the market will waste too much product and won’t apply as evenly as a professional quality Kabuki brush. Not to mention they won’t last as long.
Bonus Tip: If you really want to help the make-up be long-lasting, finish your make-up with a Setting Spray. Just mist onto the finished make-up as a final touch on top of your completed mineral make-up. Think of it as a top-coat for your make-up.

Did you know?
Kabuki Brushes originated in Japan! The word Kabuki comes from the style of traditional Japanese theatre that was first performed by females in Japan and then, after 1629, only by male actors. A major component of the Kabuki performance is the dramatic make-up worn by the actors, which was applied heavily to create a brightly painted face to help portray the characters. It is thought that the white faces were more easily seen on stage since that was way before stages were lit by electricity! 

By Wendy Hill Cosmetics make-up artist team.

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