How to choose pure mineral make-up.

Mineral make-up is creating a huge revolution in the beauty industry. Beauty professionals and their clients love the look, feel and natural hypoallergenic qualities of these innovative products. Not all mineral make-up products are the same, but the good news for beauticians is that you can tell a lot about mineral makeup from its ingredients. 

Mineral make-up is made up of microscopic flat crystals that overlap each other on the skin. The result is a breathable filtering layer. It is suitable for all skin types and especially recommended for women with acne, skin allergies, dryness and clogged pores from traditional commercial make-up products.

The silky feel and flawless finish associated with this fast growing cosmetic category is due to its natural ingredients – usually titania, mica, hematite and zinc oxide. These minerals scatter lightly when applied to the skin, giving your client a look of perfection.

Many of the ingredients found in mineral make-up are also found in some ‘look-alike’ products and traditional cosmetics. Pure mineral make-up is distinguished by what’s left out. To choose a true, pure, hypoallergenic mineral make-up, avoid products containing synthetic chemicals, parabens, Bizmuth Oxychloride, talc and other fillers. 

Pure mineral make-up powders are inorganic and contain no moisture so bacteria can not grow in them. This makes it naturally long-lasting and it does not need preservatives like parabens.

Mineral make-up purists also shy away from products containing Bizmuth Oxychloride.  It is well documented that this compound can cause allergic reactions so people with sensitive skins and those wanting the hypoallergenic benefits of mineral make-up should avoid products containing it.

What you’ll find in most good mineral make-up products

Titania (Titanium Dioxide) – an opaque, pure white pigment that is a major ingredient in many mineral make-up products (approx 5% to 25%). It offers natural sun protection and anti-inflammatory properties, reflects light (only surpassed by diamonds!), has high coverage, and helps adhere make-up to the skin.

Mica – an almost colourless mineral with a layered structure made up of thin sheets or flakes. It is smooth and silky, and light reflective. Mica has the ability to layer which creates a smooth, even finish as it gives excellent adhesion. Mica is mixed with iron oxides and ultramarines to achieve stunning colours.

Hematite (Iron Oxides) – coloured pigments that give colour to mineral make-up. Many colours are used as colorants in mineral makeup: black, blue, yellow, red, orange, tan and various shades like blue/red. Without iron oxides mineral make-up would be white!

Zinc Oxide – this naturally occurring white pigment mineral has the greatest UV absorption of all pigments available, as it provides a natural resistance to UV rays. Zinc Oxide also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Other fillers like talc have attracted more frenzied safety debates. Regardless of your view on these issues, make-up products without fillers are believed to have greater staying power and a lighter feel.

There are quality differences between true mineral make-up products with apparently similar ingredients. This is down to variations in mineral quality, ‘cut’ and mixing techniques. Producing high quality mineral make-up takes time but it’s worth it to create a product that’s natural yet captivating and elegant.

Good blends of mineral make-up offer good business opportunities for beauty professionals. “Our stockists say that Bella Vi is very easy to sell,” says Bella Vi’s Melissa Furze. “Their clients fall in love with it. I encourage beauticians to put it on all their clients.  When clients see how easily they can get a beauty boost they are usually hooked.”   

Benefits of pure mineral make-ups

• Feels light and natural (doesn’t feel like a mask)

• Helps protect against UVA & UVB

• Can be used after skin procedures such as laser, micro-dermabrasion and IPL treatments

• Hypo-allergenic

• Non- comedogenic  (non- pore clogging)

• Reflects light for a younger look

• Good for sensitive skin (acne, allergies, dryness)

• Does not enhance wrinkles like traditional powders

• Non-drying, giving the appearance of a moist glow

• Has anti-inflammatory properties

• Great for women with acne, rosacea and inflammatory skin conditions

• Long-wearing – all day coverage.

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