BeautyNZ May/June 2009

BeautyNZ May/June 2009 - Only available to Association Members

·     Cutting edge facelift treatments

·     Technology: The miracle of radio frequency

·     Skin cancer: In the grip of an epidemic

·     Body treatments keep bubbling along

·     Ingredients: The quest for eternal youth

·     Self Care: Myths and miracles

·     Energy: Fatigue fighting foods

·     Energy: Healthy treats

·     Spiritual Wellbeing and the beauty therapist

·     Standing out from the crowd

·     Make-up column: Ace the base

·     Vinotherapy: A beauty destination for the wine lover

·     Business: To succeed in sales, you must sell success!

·     Clients: What do customers really think of their treatment?

·     Savvy marketing to beat slow times

·     Crunching the numbers

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