BeautyNZ July/August 2009

BeautyNZ July/Aug 2009 - Only available to Association Members

ü        Association News

ü        The OUCH factor!

ü        Marketing to men

ü        A balm for the soul

ü        Bread and butter skin problems

ü        Bioflavonoids and skin health

ü        Salon survival: profit building strategies

ü        The sun and how it affects the skin

ü        The NZ Beauty Expo feature

ü        Turning a client’s loss into your gain

ü        Make-up column

ü        Quantum-Touch

ü        Product Gallery

ü        Q&A: What you need to know about ingredients

ü        Direct mail is not dead!

ü        The gentle art of conversation

ü        How will your business cope with falling turnover?

ü        What are you doing?

ü        How to build a winning team

ü        Have you found your slippers?

ü        The communication treatment

ü        Are we there yet?

ü        Supplementing your nutrition

ü        Healthy fish – essential for the good oils


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