BeautyNZ September/October 2009

BeautyNZ Sept/Oct 2009 - Only available to Association Members

ü       AGM Report
ü       Association news
ü       Letter from HITO
ü       News & Beauty Expo report
ü       Sydney Beauty Expo
ü       Feature: Summer skin preparation
ü       Sports enthusiasts risk sun damage
ü       Nutritional deficiencies and the skin
ü       Diet facts and fallacies
ü       Bouncing back from winter
ü       Healthier milk and dairy choices
ü       Awakening the senses
ü       Profile: Queen City beauty

ü       Safety & hygiene: a reality check
ü       Discover the skin-loving vitamin
ü       Dealing with stress and anger
ü       Making money from make-up
ü       Being in tune with your colour palette
ü       Artav editorial
ü       Feature: Manicures and pedicures
ü       Maximising your profits at Christmas
ü       Excuse me your personality is showing
ü       Improve client satisfaction and sales – start ‘down-selling’!
ü       Insurance: steps to best practice
ü       Managing your taxes from home
ü       New product gallery
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