BeautyNZ November/December 2009

BeautyNZ Nov/Dec 2009 - Only available to Association Members

ü       Profile: A value far above rubies
ü       Feature:
       The importance of vitamin D supplementation
ü       Bring on the bronze
ü       Strip, spray and go!
ü       Feature: Glamour 
      Modern glamour make-up looks
ü       No-stress bridal packages
ü      Feature: Home treatments
     What is Ayurvedic beauty? 

ü       Behind the scenes of the Beauty Expo
ü       Healing hands infused with sophistication
ü       Foundation match essential for the perfect 

ü       Beauty therapy all at sea
ü       Skin needling
ü       The basics of skin and the ageing process
ü       SmileHQ teeth whitening launches in NZ
ü The beauty of essential fatty acids
ü The war in your head
ü Exceptional customer service is very profitable
ü Ever wondered why people never listen to you?
ü Salon Superstars with the right attitude
ü Money: Is the recession over?
ü Insurance: The confusion of words

 ü     Being in tune with your colour palette
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