Kiwi blokes go under the knife for beauty

New Zealand men keen to improve their looks by having noses reshaped, man boobs reduced, eyelids lifted or excess fat removed are apparently flocking to cosmetic surgeons for help.
A steady stream of men wanting aesthetic surgery has been reported by the New Zealand Foundation for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, with British surgeons reporting a record number of ‘man boob’ reduction operations.
In fact, ‘chesticular’ surgery or gynaeomastia is in the top three of surgical procedures in New Zealand, alongside facelifts and eye surgery.  Foundation secretary Dr John Masters (Wellington) says men are making up a growing percentage of those seeking surgical intervention to improve their appearance.
“They’re still in the minority, but it’s the area we’re seeing the most growth in,” Dr Masters says.
With people working longer in life, plastic surgery is a common way of extending employment progression and appearing younger, Dr Masters says, and men are keen to look their best for longer.
“I see a lot of men who are wanting to maintain that untired appearance and that look of vitality because they are still working (at a later age),” he says.
New Zealand doesn’t collate figures on the number of cosmetic procedures performed on men and women, he says, but anecdotally plastic surgeons around New Zealand are reporting a growing percentage of men wanting to improve their appearance.
All of this, according to Association president Judy West, spells good news for beauty therapists around New Zealand now and in the future.
“The more New Zealand men who make an effort to look after their skin and appearance, the more potential there is for our members to expand their offerings and secure more male clients in the future.
“Having cosmetic surgery means taking on a healthy holistic habit of looking after your skin and health…and that means a new generation of male clients for the industry as the trend catches on.”

Written by Kathryn Calvert


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